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How's Everyone doing?

Monday, August 8, 2011

This heat has been slowing me down!! And from what I am reading it is even hotter in other parts of the country then it is here in NY----I just can't seem to get myself going----oh well----better then snow!!!!

I have been slowing down on giveaways here--but am involved in a lot of the biggies going on right now--(click on tab to the left blog hops/linkys) and a couple more coming up. I also am letting a couple of other blogs do giveaways for me. HOWEVER-I just finished one of Paterson's books "Private"--just out in paperback--WOW--I finished it in one sitting!! This will be the next book I giveaway--a real thriller!! And I promise I will not use Rafflecopter for this one--unless you liked using Rafflecopter--please let me know--it was an experiment!! I will use Rafflecopter again when I do one of the $25 PayPal giveaways!! Actually--the one running now ends on 8/20--so look for another one shortly after that---

Guess I'd better go get ready to crunch numbers in a little while (and I do have to pack up 3 boxes to send to the Tupperware winners-yes they all got in touch with me!)

Have a great day all and try to stay cool!!

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