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No Shipping Charge at My Scent Essence

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One of the things I like best about My Scent Essence is that there is NO CHARGE FOR SHIPPING!!! I really love their sachets and have a couple sitting in a bowl on the windowsill at work--I was very surprised when my boss came in the other day (a male)--picked one up and said "Hey these really smell good!" It was the Egyption Sheets scent-one of my personal favorites and the one I have out near my computer as well!!! The Scent Beads (which can not be burned) come packaged 2 to a package for 6.00 and no shipping charge--you can't beat that!!!
Of course they have lots of beautiful warmers and little heart shaped melts in two different types that all smell wonderful as well
I really hope you go and check out this site!!

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