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“Just One More Thing,” Peter Falk dies at age 83

Friday, June 24, 2011

I came home to the blurb from the NY Times on my email tonight--Peter Falk--who played the character Detective Columbo for many many years--which definitely was one of my favorite shows--died at the age of 83. This show was the essence of "don't judge a book or a person by it's cover or their clothing!! Always rumpled and acting kind of dumb (which he definitely wasn't) I think he made the phrase (as he walked back with his head shaking) "Just one more thing" popular!! I ca see him in my minds eye--just about walking out a door (with his head shaking because something was not right)--when his finger would come up--he would turn around and say "just one more thing"---and the crime would get solved!! As I said the New York Times is running a 3 page article on Peter Falk if you would like to know more about this amazing actor's life.
And I give you---Peter Falk--as Columbo-may he rest in peace

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I LOVE Columbo. And Peter Falk was amazing. My dad used to watch it, so I grew up watching it with him. No matter what else I saw him in, he will always be Columbo to me. I love that everyone dismissed him, but HE was the one that always solved the case. I love the old shows, as well as the movies that he made later on. I was very sad when I heard that he died. I felt a part of my childhood had died with him. What an amazing actor. He will be sorely missed.

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