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OH--my Aching back!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Literally!! You see I sometimes think I am younger and stronger then I really am--well when I went up to my friends for dinner the other night I had packed up this big box to bring up to them--filled with books that I had already read but they hadn't plus a whole lot of other stuff---now there is an elevator in this buildingh and I used it--but then I had to get it from there to my car--I tried shoving it with my foot--dragging it--and occasionally picking it up and carryed it for short distances--thank heavrens one of the supers helpers noticed me and came out to help--but not soon enough I guess--my back has hurt since then and today I am in agony--am trying to convince myself to get off this chair and go get two ADVIL Liquigels~~~and maybe later I will take a nice HOT soak with a bath bomb--

that is if I can get doewn in the tub much less back up!! I really think I'd better hobble out to the kitchen now and get those Advils!!
My human is sorry for any spelling or grammar error today--she is not feeling to good!!

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Unknown said...

Awww you really need to be careful. Stop trying to push yourself. I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

Unknown said...

Hi Miki! Got an update in my email and thought I would stop by for a quick second. I have been following thru GFC but went ahead today and am following thru Networked Blogs. I just set mine up last week. Well, there are several blog hops going on along with contests so I have got to get busy! Happy Easter and take care of your back.


admin said...

ouch! hope you're feeling better now

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