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Good Morning One and All

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good morning, It is Monday once again so I will have to make this kinda short--actually I only have one client today--the other cancelled due to their server not working (and I was going to do their sales tax report today which is due on the 30th--oh well). But then I wasn't at the client I will be at today last week so there is probably lots for me to do--quarterly income tax reports for one--
No more giveaways for a while--I just notified the two winners and am awaiting their responces!! Actually I have a couple of other blogs doing give aways for me--Sammy Makes Six will be doing a basket pretty soon as part of her Mother's Day and so will Crunchy Moma. These are really great sites--you should go check them out--
OH--before I forget-Networked Blogs will not let me follow anymore blogs--they say I hit my limit? So if you are following me on Networked Blogs and I have not followed back that is why--I will and do still follow back on GFC and Twitter and Facebook. Wonder what is up with Networked Blogs----
Gotta go now--Gremlin is meowing for me---

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