Thank Heavens yesterday is over and today is here!! | Miki's Hope

Thank Heavens yesterday is over and today is here!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I think I mentioned that I would be on a cattlecar yesterday (NYC Subway)--well-that is what it was!! There was no room on the platform for people to even stand --I was stuck on the stairs leading down for about 5 minutes--couldn't even get near the entrance to a train for an additional 10 Minutes-once I finally squashed myself inside--I then had to get off at the correct stop--no easy feat when you have to push through immobile objects (other passengers)--but I did manage--just about!!! Needless to say I took the bus back to Grand Central Station when I was finished--could not face another Subway ride--Actually I had never seen it THAT bad before and I think I heard someone mentioning that there was some kind of trouble with a couple of the trains---And of course I'm totally congested today--happens every time I go down there--The good news is today I get in my CAR and drive to work!!! Soooooo nuch easier even if it does take me 1 1/2 hours each way.
Meanwhile--back at the ranch--Gremlin is being absolutely annoying--he just wants my attention and keeps meowing until I get off the computer!! This is ever since I got home late the other night because I was working with the accountant--Hope he calms down soon (Gremlin)!!!
HAGD all--I am most certainly going to try!!

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