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GREMLIN is Driving me CRAZY

Friday, March 4, 2011

And I think he is doing it on purpose!! I read somewhere that cats tend to manipulate women----well he is sure trying to manipulate me lately!! Or RE-TRAIN. I keep trying to tell the people in NJ that I have to get home before dark or Gremlin starts acting up--but do they beleive me--NO--so twice this week I got home LATE and all Gremlin has been doing is meowing until I do what he wants--then goes and hides from me!! Right now he is sulking in the dining room--------he woke me up at 5 am mind you by meowing loudly right in my ear and when I went to try and pet him he kept moving so I nearly fell out of bed--and now he is patiently waiting till I get dressed and go to put my coat on to start his meowing schenanigans again!!!
Well--unbeknowst to him--I will be home before dark today and I probably will not go out this weekend at all (well maybe for an hour or so LOL)--and if I am REAL LUCKY--this mood of his will pass and he will become the sweet little kitty he normally is----

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