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Sunday and I have nothing to do!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well not exactly--but at least I don't have to leave my apartment (Gremlin is grinning). I really should try to re-do all my financial stuff I lost for the year when my computer crashed and needed another board--and it would be nice if I started my own taxes (heard the story about the shoe makers son? He had no shoes) Guess who does not feel like doing any of it--
you guessed right--ME--I may get up the energy to make some more of the Do You Bake muffins--and there is a bag of peanut butter cookies just waiting to be baked--hum I'll let you know if I do any of that later!! For now I'd better go check my email and get another cup of coffee!!
Have a great day all!!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I was going to suggest you come to my house and clean. Perhaps plan my meals for the week, and do my blog posts. But it looks like you'll find something to do. LOL!

smashbravo said...

Thats why Sundays are the best :)

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