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I FINALLY got to make it!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm so excited--after 3 days of not having what I need in the house to prepare the Tuna Noodle Casserole from DoYouBake--I finally did it--IT IS YUMMY--of course as you have probably figured out by now I didn't exactly follow the directions LOL--I used skim milk instead of whole milk for one--I threw everything together in a bowl mixed it up then added the pasta--mixed again--poured it into a baking dish I finally unearthed--sprinkled a bunch of Italian flavored bread crumbs on top dotted with butter pieces--threw in the oven--And just finished eating a very large portion and contemplating going back for more!!!
I also did something that the people at DoYouBake probably didn't realize--well you know that Cho Cho Spice? I think it is meant to be used on Popcorn well anyway I added a bunch to some plain yogurt I had in the house--delicious--it definitely has a cinnamon taste to it and probably would also be good thrown into noodles, cottage cheese and a little sugar as well (a quick dinner I sometimes throw together for myself)-I used to use cinnamin sugar--think I'll use this instead!!!
But PLEASE--never ask me how much of what I put into anything--I really have no idea!!!

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smashbravo said...

Sounds YUUUUUUUUUMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY..... would you like to FedEx the rest to California?? Not sure how the tuna will hold up thought... LOL:)

MikiHope said...

Actually Gremlin was kinda angry cause he saw the empty bowl and smelled the tuna I guess--I got some dirty look--maybe I'll give him some tomorrow night!! And now he won't eat his dinner LOL

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