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Valentine's Day at Eclipse Spa

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three Emeralds Sugar Scrubs--all three for $30.00 !!!

EclipseSpa's Emerald Collection of Sugar Scrubs are made with extremely thick Shea Butter mixed with Pumpkin Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil, with Sugar Granules for gentle scrubbing. Its fabulous shower treatment as the oils remain on skin after rinsing with warm water.

From the toes on up to the very tip top you will glow and radiate effortlessly.

Your gift wrapped box will contain 3 of our favorite sugar scrubs:

Peppermint Vanilla,
Pomegranate Cassis

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Unknown said...

Hi - thanks for stopping by Family Literacy this weekend and being hopping mad with me. I got a notice from gmail that the hacker was from - guess where? Nigeria! GRRR!

I'm following you back. =D

Have a wonderful week - and be sure to enter Usborne Books giveaway by 1/31 for the 365 Ways to draw and paint at:

Thanks! Tina "The Book Lady"

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