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Kitty Kitty Aroma Lamp

Sunday, January 30, 2011

This aroma lamp which comes with a 35 watt bulb is absolutely adorable!! It costs 28.00 but shipping is included in that price--
It comes in a couple of different colors-I think I like the pink the best.

Perfect for Valentines day for the cat lover (hint hint) with those two little kitties encircled in a heart!! Actually I wouldn't mind getting this at any time of the year. The non toxic palm wax scent pourri can be used! My favorite scent is Egyption Sheets---definitely a love potion #9!!

Just click into my MyScentEssence to see this and all the other beautiful sculpted aroma lamps they have!! And while you are there you might want to pick up a package of scent beads as well--$6.00 for 2 and shipping is included in that price!!!

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