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I would Love to hear some good news!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am so very tired of hearing all the terrible things that are happening in our world right now--I need some good news!! I want to hear that lots of jobs were created and more and more people in our country are being employed. I want to hear that new species were found--not been found to have gone extinct--I want to hear lots and lots of happy endings in real life--not just in books (but thank heavens for them at least)--and most of all I want to hear that at long last ALL the people in this world get along--no more wars over differing beliefs. If anyone out there has some good news--please feel free to post it here--even if it is just a really great joke (could use a belly laugh right now as well)--I will be at work today (snow is coming tonight I think) so see ya all later!!

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Erin S said...

After today, I am off work for a week and my husband nd I are leaving for 5 days in Vegas for our 5 year anniversary!!

MikiHope said...

Thank you!!!!! It is really good to hear Happy news for a change--have a GREAT time!!

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