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I can use Sugar Scrub!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now you may think that my header is strange--but until this afternoon I had given up even trying to use sugar scrub. You see I have poor circulation in one of my legs and every time I attempted to use it it hurt that leg so bad that I stopped trying.
Today, as I was trying to warm up in a hot tub (with one of Eclipse Spa's bath bombs) I spied this jar of pumpkin scrub that Anne Keefe had made as a special a couple of months ago---Okay--I gave it another try (the smell was absolutely devine-too bad she doesn't make it all the time!!) AND it didn't hurt my leg!!!!!!!! So now I know I can use sugar scrub as long as it is from Eclipse Spa!!!!

Her newest special scent is Choc Mint in the 9oz Emerald Edition Size--you know I will be going to get that one!!!!

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Anne Keefe said...

Michele! Yeah, I am so happy to hear this news. Now you will become an aficionado of sugar scrubs!

Nicole said...

Im your newest follower! Thanks for following my blog "Its All Random"!

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