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I think I did everything I planned on today

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I bought Gremlin's food (he will only eat Whiska's in the litlle white tray and there are not too many places that sell that) I bought him a new Wheat Grass plant to let him know I still really do love him--he doubts me sometimes--and I went and did a little shopping for myself--So now I am munching down on Irish Soda Bread smothered in Kerry Butter!!! There was a special in the A&P---get a coupon for 1.00 off the Kerry Butter and get the Irish Soda Bread for FREE--never had Kerry Butter before--it is REALLY delicious--2.99 total. Now I am sitting at my computer contemplateing that I lost an hour of sleep---but the good news is---Spring is right around the corner now--I love to see the Forsythia in bloom along the highways and the little wildflowers popping up all over--and the Tulips!! And very soon now I won't have to wear my heavy winter jacket YEAH!!!!! Gremlin is sitting on the windowsill more and more often now--sticking his nosy nose out the only window I have cracked open for him--and being on the 7th floor has its advantages--the birds fly right by my window and keep Gremlin occupied!!
Well--that's about it for now--

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