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I did them--mostly

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Well--after I got home from work today I decided to bite the bullet--I proceeded to do my taxes--of course first I had to find all the stuff that I've been hiding from myself (you know little things like 1099's, w-2's)-unfortunately found it all---or at least I think I did. Went on to Turbo Tax which I haven't used in like forever and-------well lets just say I probably won't be submitting those taxes until maybe 3 days before they are due---you guessed it--I owe--OUCH--I still have to double check everything--like maybe I forgot a couple of deductions? But not tonight and not tomorrow!! One thing I do not like about Turbo Tax online----you can not see your forms until you pay them (I paid them I paid them-but not until I figured out I would not be allowed to see my forms!!)--which really isn't good--and they don't tell you this--they kinda let you figure it all out by yourself!! Of course this is the first time I've ever done this on line--I am much more used to buying a program-installing it on my computer--then doing the tax. Guess I'd better save this stuff to my hard drive so I can print it out at some point in the far far future---

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