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Book Review-The Blackmail Enigma-K J Backford

Friday, February 9, 2024

Politics seems to bring out the worst in everyone--especially in voting seasons. This novel takes place in England between the Tories and the Liberals. The Liberals want to win and are bound and determined to find "dirt" on the opposing candidate who happens to be the son of a peer of the realm. Then there is a randsom note.

Meanwhile Hanna's favorite uncle is found dead in his home. He supposedly fell down the stairs. Hanna takes a trip that she was supposed to go on with her uncle to learn a family secret. And finds a lot more then that!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Hanna Arnol, a Silicon Valley exec, leads an ordinary life. Until her favorite uncle, her sole family, dies unexpectedly.

Was it a mere accident or a carefully planned murder? If the latter, who killed him?

In pursuit of answers, Hanna embarks on a globe-spanning quest to unravel her family’s dark secret.

She finds herself thrown into a world of blackmail, crime, and intrigue. The world where political parties dig up hundred-fifty-year-old dirt on their opponents to win the general election in one of the oldest democracies.

But don’t underestimate Hanna. In this nefarious jungle, she will fight to find the culprit and avenge her uncle.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

I grew up living in many places around the world. After graduate degrees and a rewarding career in Silicon Valley, I now focus on writing. I strive to combine real-world experience and knowledge to create inspiring characters within interesting, intricate thrillers and mysteries.

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