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Book Review-Corgied to Death-C.B. Wilson

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

This truly is a clean cozy mystery!! If you love animals this one is for you! I laughed when that little corgi was busy attempting to train his babysitter. His owner had been murdered(?) and Cat was taking care of him until the woman's grand daughter was able to pick him up. This little corgi was bound and determined to protect Cat--I'm not sure if she truly realized it. I am sure you are going to enjoy this book which takes place in the friendliest dog town known to mankind!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

A murderous memoir, a comical Corgi collaborator and a diamond to die for

You’d think the dog-friendliest town in America would be something like a furry Mayberry-- but only if you didn’t know Barkview’s darkest secret. Legend has it that a priceless artifact known as the Douglas Diamond is hidden somewhere in its environs.

And recent history (as chronicled in other Barkview books) has shown that treasure-hunters are easily turned to….well, certainly not beasts. Barkview’s beasts are beautifully behaved! It’s the humans who can become first covetous, then mendacious, larcenous, and finally even murderous if the right bait is dangled.

Many a treasure-hunter has thought the priceless treasure was low-hanging fruit ripe for the plucking. But despite countless efforts, people have died for it, and nobody’s plucked it yet.

Even with all the treasure-hunting and murder, the town’s latest secret is even more dramatic— spying during World War Two. Spying that’s just resulted in a new murder. Barkview’s truly the town that has everything—at least for mystery fans, who’ll be happily reminded of Josephine Tey’s masterful DAUGHTER OF TIME as they watch the characters figure out what happened way back by piecing together historic events.

They’ll get a kick out of author Wilson’s depiction of her intrepid reporter sleuth, who’s not only in the awkward position of being the only cat person in Barkview, she’s also unlucky enough to be named Cat. This time Cat gets roped into babysitting an adorable cuddly Corgi guaranteed to annoy her and delight the reader. But Winston, despite being cute as a blue-eyed pup and funny as a cat video, has Cat completely intimidated. Unfortunately, though, he finds her a bit difficult to train. But he gives it his best shot, finally teaching her not to trip over him. And when all’s done and dusted, he even dons a tuxedo in her honor.

Such a good boy!

Needless to say, dog lovers will find this one a treat, as will all fans of gentle amusing cozies and mysteries. Dare we mention that cat people will too? If you like Neil Plakcy’s golden retriever books, and Alex Kava’s Ryder Creed series, you’ll love Corgied To Death!

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

The award winning author of six Cozy Pet Mysteries and counting, C.B. Wilson’s love of writing began after she read her first Nancy Drew book and rewrote the ending. After studying at the Gemology Institute of America, she developed a passion for researching lost, stolen and missing diamonds–the big kind. Her fascination with dogs and their passionate owners inspired Barkview, California, the dog friendliest city in America.

C.B. lives in Peoria, AZ with her husband. She is an avid pickleball player who enjoys traveling to play tournaments. She admits to chocoholic tendencies and laughing out loud at dog comics.

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