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Book Review-Four Cold Months-K. J. Kalis

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Max Grady's has nightmares about his life living with his family as a young boy--they never leave him. When he hears that a woman has been kidnapped--he hnows he has to find her--it has been 4 months. A ransome request is received-but nobody knows what they want--and neither does Macy----until she figures it out by avvident. The worst part is she knows her abductors-----Will Max be able to find her before it os too late?

How a person's family past can catch up to someone through no fault of their own. Lots of twists and turns and some bone chilling paragraphs throughout.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Detective Max Grady’s past haunts him every single day.

The day he finds out Macy Chandler has been missing for four months is no exception.

Now, a ransom demand has come in, one that her family doesn’t understand and can’t fulfill.

With no options and no leads, Max sets out to find the kidnappers and to rescue Macy… while she still has time.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

I’ve been putting pen to paper and fingers to a keyboard as long as I can remember. From journaling and poetry as a teenager to copywriting and fiction as an adult, if it involves words, I’ve probably done it. I hope you'll enjoy my thriller books!

As a writer, my goal is to help you escape from your everyday life, whether that means taking a break during a long work day, relaxing with a book on a weekend afternoon or keeping your mind off difficult situations. You are so very important to what I do!

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, playing with my dogs and trying to get my husband to pick up his socks.

If you'd like to know more, visit me on Facebook, Instagram or my website --

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