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Book Review-Purrfect Son (The Mysteries of Max Book 27)-Nic Saint

Friday, May 19, 2023

Cats can talk-however very few people understand what they are saying. The woman in this family (and only the women) can!! There are 4 cats all living with these humans-they are well loved!! When someone breaks into their home (humans all out somewhere or another)--all 4 cats decide to find out what is going on. Their curiosity gets them in a heap of trouble!

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About Watchmen, Watchdogs and Watchcats

I don’t usually suffer from a fear of small spaces but after being locked inside a box in the attic along with my fellow cats, I must confess the experience wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs. Especially when the person doing the locking up also decided to set the box on fire. So did we escape this harrowing adventure with our lives? And if so, how? I’d love to tell you, but then I’d be breaking the first rule of fiction: never give away the ending! So you’ll just have to read on to find out more.

And in so doing you’ll also discover all about Tex’s secret son, Gran’s latest neighborhood watch gambit, the suspicious death of one of Charlene Butterwick’s relatives, the new shopping mall a group of developers plan to build in Hampton Cove, the huge windfall Tex and Marge might receive soon, and the addition to the team of our very own bodyguard as well as a watchdog—not to mention a watchcat! As you can see, things are never boring in this small town of ours!

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Nic has a background in political science and before being struck by the writing bug worked odd jobs around the world (including but not limited to massage therapist in Mexico, gardener in Italy, restaurant manager in India, and Berlitz teacher in Belgium).

When he’s not writing he enjoys curling up with a good (comic) book, watching British crime dramas, French comedies or Nancy Meyers movies, sampling pastry (apple cake!), pasta and chocolate (preferably the dark variety), twisting himself into a pretzel doing morning yoga, going for a run, and spoiling his big red tomcat Tommy.

He lives with his wife (and aforementioned cat) in a small village smack dab in the middle of absolutely nowhere and is probably writing his next ‘Mysteries of Max’ book right now.

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