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Book Review-Risky Bisqueness-Elizabeth Rain

Monday, April 10, 2023

This really had me laughing out loud! Actually if I had a cat talking to me and a big old book staring at me--I would probably faint dead away also!

Juli was not having a good year--she could not seem to hold down a job-then found her husband cheating on her--When she received a mysterious letter telling her that her uncle passed away and she had inherited his restaurant in a small town--she really had nothing to lose--off she went--to find out her uncle had been murdered and she had some seriously strange relatives! All lovable--but very strange--But has she found out--so was she!!

She is bound and determined to find out who murdered her uncle--which was also in her blood--who would have thought a soup witch could be a PI!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

The Dead aren’t Talking. But the Cat is…

One day is all it takes for Juli to burn down the pizza parlor, lose her job, and walk in on her cheating rat of a husband.

The childish invite in the mail might just be her saving grace, or is something more sinister in store?

Because the town of Veil Falls and its inhabitants are far from ordinary. And moving there challenges every notion she’s ever had about what’s real. Add in a strange inheritance, an overbearing ghost, and a snarky recipe grimoire, and maybe even misfits like her deserve a second chance to get things right.

But first, as the newly appointed fledgling soup witch to Snips and Snails Café, she’ll need to get cooking, embrace her inner witchiness, and solve her uncle's murder before she runs out of time and the killer strikes twice.

Will her do-over really lead to her dead and under?

★★Enjoy a personal copy of Juli's famous Cheesy Spuds and Porker Stew Recipe at the end...Cook up a little Magic of your own!

♥♥Risky Bisqueness is Book I in the Cozy Mystery Series, Snips and Snails Café`. Enjoy them one and all and in any order. If you like laugh out loud humor just this side of Snarky, slightly flawed but Gutsy Female Leads, and have a thing for Hunka Hunka'll love Risky Bisqueness. And as if all of that wasn’t enough…you’ll fall in love with Gilly~Snips and Snail’s talking Cat with loads of Sass…and Tiny, the Prima Dona Ghost who is proof positive you really can take it with you…

Read a Chapter or Two Here

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

When I was a child I wanted two things. To Write a Novel and to be Wonder Woman and save the world.

Somewhere past 40, I realized the tights were never going to fit, and the only flying I was ever going to do was in a plane.

So instead, I write my Strong and Sassy Heroes/Heroines into the novels I pen…

I build doorways into contemporary worlds filled with magic, that allow all of us to be a hero to our own imaginations.

To me, every character is real. I walk alongside them as they discover that fear is the flip side of courage, that survival may just be a badge of honor, and that our flaws are an opportunity to emerge stronger and discover our own personal brand of superpowers—at any age.

I live in the heart of Michigan with my Fastidious Husband and a Feisty Yorkie named Napoleon. When I’m not penning the adventures in my next book, you can find me kayaking, hiking, and camping with my family and friends.

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