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Book Review-The Happy Widow: A Will Harper Novel (Book 6)-David Crosby

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Unfortunately the premis of this novel is all too real!! So many people take advantage of seniors--especially if they have money! Of course this is a novel and not real life. Both men and women are targeted by both men and woman.

There is a lot of action as Will Harper delves deep to try and stop his girl friend's uncle from being ripped off!!

About the Book:(from Amazon)


In his sixth hard boiled action thriller, reporter Will Harper attempts to balance the beginnings of new love with a treacherous fraud investigation. While trying to unmask scammers who target vulnerable elderly Floridians, Will risks angering homicidal con artists who will stop at nothing to extort their hapless victims.

The mystery opens with an exhilarating honeymoon at sea: philanderer Alain Duvalier has whisked his new—wealthy—wife away on a honeymoon cruise. There’s trouble in paradise, though: Duvalier pushes his giddy wife off the cruise ship, then claims the death was a tragic accident. The remorseless widower packs his bags and moves into his late wife’s ritzy Florida condo, with immediate plans to sell off all her assets.

Enter semi-retired journalist Will Harper, who’s just started researching a hard-hitting series on black widows and widowers who seduce aging, wealthy single folks. This project is personal: Will’s newly exclusive girlfriend Bonnie has an elderly uncle who's being isolated and financially controlled by a new, monstrously villainous wife—the infamous Millie Potts.

While brainstorming story ideas aboard his live-in yacht, The Wanderlust, Will gets wind of the honeymoon cruise death and immediately begins tracking Duvalier. Will attempts to juggle his dangerous investigation into Millie’s murky past with an equally risky inquiry into Duvalier’s whereabouts. These scammers are so morally bereft that they’ll swiftly, thoughtlessly kill anyone who stands between them and a bundle of cash. Which is unfortunate, considering that Will, Bonnie, and Callie—Will’s ex girlfriend and current coworker—are all standing in the way.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

After careers as a photojournalist and then an advertising photographer, David Crosby started a new life as a writer. First writing the non-fiction "Keeping us Afloat", Crosby then turned to fiction with "Million Dollar Staircase". It was just the beginning for him.

A long time fan of mysteries by authors including John D. McDonald, Randy Wayne White, and Wayne Stinnett, Crosby's love of the genre has led to his Florida based "Will Harper" series.

Main character Will Harper lives on a 57-foot Grand Banks Trawler, much like McDonald's Travis McGee lived on a houseboat. Crosby's own love of boats began with a 16-foot runabout and has lasted through four houseboats and a cabin cruiser. The non-fiction book "Keeping Us Afloat" is set on a two week trip down the Intra Coastal Waterway from Maryland to Sarasota, Florida, on a Grand Banks trawler.

Crosby also has a life long love of travel and of living in interesting homes. He's cruised much of the Caribbean and visited Mexico, Canada and Paris, all while living in a plantation house, a 1929 synagogue, a house boat, a lakeside log home, a 10-acre farm, and a loft in a hundred year-old textile mill.

Writing is a passion he developed as a journalism major at the University of Georgia, where he earned an ABJ in Magazine Writing. Photography took over his life in the meantime, and it's only in the past few years that writing has re-emerged as a focus in his life.

A voracious reader, Crosby now lives in a tiny house with a motorhome parked outside. He lives in Land O Lakes, Florida, with his wife Marilyn, a retired Pastor, and their Shih Tzu, Zoe.

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