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Book Review-DANGEREUSE: Grandmother of Eleanor of Aquitaine (Medieval Babes: Tales of Little-Known Ladies Book 10)-J.P. Reedman

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

This woman was certainly not the prim and proper miss. Bored with her life and her husband-she allowed herself to be abducted by her husband's liege lord leaving all her children behind. She was extremely daring for the time period she lived. You will not quite believe what you are reading! I had to admire her through all her trials and tribulations!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Red-haired, wild and full of strong opinions, Dangereuse de l'Isle Bouchard thinks her marriage to Viscount Aimery is the highest honour to which she can aspire.

But then she meets his liege lord, William, Duke of Aquitaine. William the Troubadour, a former Crusader, whose court is full of music, merriment and bawdiness. Everything Dangereuse craves.

Dangereuse and William embark on a secret affair--and soon he abducts her from her husband's castle and carries her off to Poitiers, where he installs her in the Maubergeon, a tower built especially for her within his palace. With William's angry son and two former wives bent on revenge, life in Poitiers for the two lovers is never dull. Dangereuse decides to act as peacemaker, and arranges a marriage between William's boy, Will, and her own daughter Aenor from her union with Aimery. From this arrangement is born the most famous woman in medieval history-, a bold outspoken woman cast in her grandmother's mold--the indomitable Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Book 10 in the Medieval Babes series

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Born to a Canadian soldier and English war bride, J.P. grew up in Victoria, British Columbia. but has lived in the U.K. for almost a quarter of a century.

Interests include anthropology, archaeology, folklore, fantasy, the Wars of the Roses era (Richard III in particular), Robin Hood, medieval life in general, Stonehenge and the megalithic culture.

Works include two novels set at the time of Stonehenge, Stone Lord and Moon Lord, and two popular works on Richard III (I, Richard Plantagenet parts 1 and 2) written from his first person point of view. Other works include a dystopian novel My Name is Not Midnight, which takes place in a post-Apocalyptic Canada, and a historical fantasy Sacred King which is about Richard III's 'return' in a Leicester carpark. Many short stories and collections are also available, the subjects ranging from high fantasy and horror to pure historical fiction.

Upcoming projects are a Complete Edition of I, Richard Plantagenet (revised, with new details), a novel on Eleanor Provence, Queen of Henry III, and a mystical version of the Robin Hood legend.

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