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Book Review-Betrayal in Barcelona (The Kate Benedict Series Book 8)-Carrie Bedford

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Kate is a psychic of sorts. She knows when someone is about to die because she sees an aura circling above their heads. If she can figure out who or what will cause the death--she can sometimes stop it from happening--talk about stress!!

While on a vacation that is supposed to be a pleasure trip with her husband to go to the opening of an art gallery that her husband's best friends fiance owns, she ends up seeing two auros circling the heads of said fiance and also an up and coming artist. Can she save both their lives? Lots of action as Kate delves into the mysteries. The ending will astonish you--you may or may not see it coming.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

London architect Kate Benedict was soooo looking forward to a glittering weekend in Barcelona. But no matter how much she’d love to, she can never leave behind her “gift” of recognizing when someone's in danger of dying.

Her best laid plans have to change on a dime when she sees an aura spinning above someone’s head—because she knows she can stop their death if she can find the cause in time.

She’s in gaudily splendid Barcelona for a gala art opening and wouldn’t you know—no rest for the psychic!—auras are spinning everywhere. So much for her festive weekend.

Kate is shocked to discover that the hostess, Brooke, the owner of the new gallery, has an aura! (And, that she’s shockingly rude to her assistant and—most shockingly—to Kate.)

Within minutes she spots a second aura swirling over one of the artists and a third over a reception attendee. Even in Kate’s life, this is pretty over the top.

By the abrupt and disastrous end of the gallery opening, one aura has been stopped by death, one person is missing, and Brooke’s aura is swirling ever faster – a sign that death is drawing nearer.

And then Brooke disappears.

As Kate races to find her, navigating a deadly web of deception, fraud, and betrayal, she steps right into the den of a possibly deranged, definitely murderous impostor.

Cozy mystery readers will recognize in Kate the quintessential traditional British female sleuth: decent, tactful, well-spoken, a cuppa always at the ready—with a big twist: those auras she sees. The busy architect with her spooky talent will offer a special appeal for readers who like a little shiver with their tea—such as fans of Barbara Michaels and Carolyn Hart (in her Bailey Ruth series).

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Born and raised in England, Carrie won the Greater London Essay Competition as a teenager. Today, after a rewarding career as a marketing executive in Silicon Valley in California, she dedicates her time to writing, including the award-winning Kate Benedict mystery series and the Nobilissima historical novels. An enthusiastic traveller, Carrie has lived in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France and Belgium. She and her husband split their time between Beaune, France and Brussels.

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