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Book Review-Innocent Until Proven Addicted Ellis Keler

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Rachel Hart has just lost her husband-he was killed in an accident. She is left with her two sons who she is bound and determined to do the best for. She doesn't grieve like everyone seems to want her to-but she is certainly grieving. She knows that she has to keep working in order to keep herself going.

When a man walks in to her office and begs her to help him prove he is innocent of murder---at first she is skeptical---but something tells her to take the case. Luckily she has friends who work with her--they tried to convince her not to take the case--she took it anyway.

Was this guy framed and railroaded? It will take quite a bit to unravel this one. Meanwhile she and her boys have been threatened!! Wait until you find out what really was going on!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Grief-stricken after her husband's death, Rachel Hart is faced with her toughest challenge yet: a high-stakes murder case.

When a young man with a questionable past seeks her help in clearing his name, she takes on the case, utterly convinced of his innocence. However, when she uncovers a shocking connection between the accused and the victim's family, her investigation leads her down a very dangerous path...

In a race against time, Rachel edges closer to solving the case. But a pivotal piece of evidence presents the ultimate dilemma: should she consider her client guilty until proven innocent?

Innocent Until Proven Addicted is an exciting blood-pumping legal thriller, written by Ellis Keler and published by Cobalt Fairy.

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Jenifer Wetle said...

This book sounds exciting. I wonder if he is innocent or guilty.

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