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Book Review-After She Left- Claire Amarti

Monday, November 21, 2022

This book might or might not hit home with many women. Families are not always what they seem to be. Secrets kept for many years can unravel those secrets whether you want them to or not! When Abigail takes off leaving her son behind-her sister takes over the care of Sam since his father is going away on a business trip. She has her own problems as you will read.

Is there ultimately a happy ending? I think so.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Abigail Gibson is gone.

One winter morning, she walks out of her home in the leafy suburbs of Westchester, New York, leaving behind a note on the kitchen table… and her ten-year-old son, Sam.

When her sister Gillian gets the call, she can barely believe it. Abigail has always been a little, well, unreliable, but she hasn’t done anything like this in a decade--not since Sam was born.

Now Gillian’s left taking care of Sam while she waits for news of Abigail’s whereabouts. But things aren’t so great in Gillian’s home either, where her husband’s behavior and late-night work schedule is giving her doubts she thought she'd never have.

But as Abigail shows no signs of re-appearing, Gillian must confront the questions she dreads asking: what secrets is her sister hiding… and is she ever coming back?

The answers will upend her world...

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

I write family dramas and suspense stories about ordinary women – sisters, mothers, and daughters like the ones we know and love – who find out that their ordinary lives may not be quite so ordinary after all. Thanks for your interest in my work! If you'd like to hear about discounted new releases from me, just click the "Follow" button and Amazon will automatically update you.

As for me, when I’m not writing, I can be found strolling the streets of Brooklyn, New York City, my adopted home, dodging pigeons and traffic. I moved here a little over eight years ago from Ireland, and never looked back. To me there’s nothing more wonderful than that feeling of finding – or making! – a new home: finding a little piece of the world you can always come back to. That’s what reading feels like for me. Maybe it does for you too? I really hope my books can become that for my readers - a place where you can find a wild adventure and then come back to steady ground, ready to do it all again another day!

I love to hear from readers, so come find me on Facebook, shoot me a message, or get on my mailing list to hear the latest news. Thanks so much for checking out my work and whatever story you've got on your nightstand right now, I wish you happy reading!

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