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LaGasse Shoes Giveaway-1-US Ends 9/21

Thursday, September 15, 2022

anti-fatigue comfort in lagasse shoes
Foot pains melt away with superior absorption in Lagasse footwear

If you are in a profession where you are on your feet all day long--whether a chef or work sales in a store--you know how miserable your feet can feel at the end of the day. These shoes were made with you in mind!! Keep scrolling and reading to find out more then enter!

Lagasse Shoes Giveaway
September 12-21, 2022
Open to USA

So many options to shop these days for the walking shoes! And without doubt, women have more options to choose from different brands and types of shoes. From running shoes to hiking shoes, from walking in warm and cold weather shoes; the shoes with non-skin surfaces and even UV safe covers. Wow!

Emeril Lagasse shoes have been designed for the professionals who work and stand on their feet long hours during the day. Because of that, each pair of the Emeril's Footwear features cushioned soles, supportive foot design, and non-slip walking surfaces. Besides, when you invest into Lagasse shoes, you choose comfort and healthy living.

emerils footwear for walking
Your health begins with investing into the health of your feet. Hence buying quality shoes is a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle.

Would you like to win a pair of your own Lagasse shoes to enjoy your daily walking routine and running errands?

Enter the giveaway form and come back for daily retweets that will get you extra entry points to win your desirable choice in baby-boy clothes!

Prize – Lagasse Women's Shoes of Choice

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Diana McDonald said...

I work in retail… I need shoes that are cushioned, durable, and breathable.

Michele S. said...

I stand up almost all day - I need a strong support shoes.

mommygidget said...

I'd like to win because my current shoes that have toughed out the last 7 years are starting to fall apart from the inside.

Darlene said...

I would love to win a pair of these sandals as they look comfy and are waterproof.

Megan Cromes said...

i am on my feet all day at work ,they would help my feet ty :)

Estel said...

I work in retail...constantly on my feet on a quest for shoes that offer good arch support

Jerrilynn said...

I had a bad break in my leg three years ago and need all the support I can get for standing!

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