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Book Review-Necrosis-C L Schneider

Monday, September 19, 2022

A world wide virus that turns people into flesh eating zombies. Just the thought of this has tingles running up and down my spine.

The uninfected are trying to stay normal. Amy and her daughter are trying to outlast this virus and outrun the zombies who are multiplying quickly. They have some close calls then run into a bunch of other uninfected who are in hiding. Among then is Amy's best friend from when she was a child. He sticks by them and then the sanctuary is bombed by the Army three days before they were supposed to.

More horror occurs!

At the end Amy does something you will never believe-proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that a mother's love is infinite.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Every breath could be their last...

Amidst the chaos and fear of an apocalyptic virus, a mother fights to protect her daughter from the rotting remains of society. Navigating a frightening new world where survival is paramount and trust is a gamble, infection is only a misstep away. Despite her doubts and imperfections, Amy’s love and resolve are without question. But are they enough? Can she shield her daughter from the violence and savagery, and keep them both alive another day? For, at the end of the world, there’s no second chance. With a single bite, necrosis will set in.

Sink your teeth into this zombie survival story with a twist you won't see coming!

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Born in a small Kansas town on the Missouri river, C.L. Schneider grew up in a house of avid readers and overflowing bookshelves. Her first full-length novel took shape while she was still in high school, on a typewriter in her parent's living room. While her main focus is adult epic and urban fantasy, she also pens the occasional thriller or post-apocalyptic story.

Though she has been writing all of her life, Magic-Price (the first installment in The Crown of Stones Trilogy) was Schneider's first published novel. With the completion of The Crown of Stones Trilogy, she is embarking on a new path with her multi-award-winning urban fantasy series, Nite Fire.

Learn more about C.L. Schneider, and the worlds she creates, at, where you can read reviews, excerpts, sneak peeks and teasers, subscribe to her newsletter, and join her Street Team. An active part of the online indie author community, you can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads. Visit the News and Events page on her website for a full list of C.L. Schneider's in-person appearances in the NY, NJ, and CT area.

Author's Website

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