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Book Review-The Angel Maker-Marcia Clayton

Friday, September 9, 2022

What a beautiful book-a real rags to riches story. Of course there are bumps along the way. Actually there a a couple of happy ending with several different characters. The only part that made me shiver and shake is what happened to some of the babies. I can't say anymore--but the title of this novel is not about an angel by any means!!

This is the second book in this trilogy of the villagers of Hartford. Now on to the third for me!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

1884 North Devon, England

When carpenter, Fred Carter, finds a young woman in dire straits by the roadside, he takes her to the local inn where she gives birth to a daughter. Charlotte Mackie is an unmarried mother and has run away from home where she would have no sympathy from her strict parents. A few days later, Fred takes Charlotte to her aunt’s house and does not expect to see her again.

When their paths unexpectedly cross, Fred finds Charlotte is distraught as her aunt has arranged an adoption behind her back. Charlotte is desperate to find her baby, and Fred promises to help. However, they are unprepared for the sinister discoveries that lay before them. Set alongside the absorbing detail of country life and budding village romances, dark forces are at work, which ultimately test the bravery and resourcefulness of the whole community.

The Angel Maker is the sequel to The Mazzard Tree and the second novel in a compelling series that follows the lives and loves of the villagers of Hartford. A rare treat for lovers of historical fiction.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

I was born in North Devon, a rural and picturesque area in the far South West of England. I am a farmer's daughter, and my family has lived in this region for generations. I have always enjoyed the peaceful way of life to be found here, and would never wish to live anywhere else.

When I left school I worked in a bank for several years until I married my husband, Bryan, and then stayed at home for a few years to care for my three sons. As they grew older, I returned to work, first as a Marie Curie nurse caring for the terminally ill, and then for the local authority managing school transport. I remained in this job until retirement.

I like gardening, and we grow most of our own vegetables. I'm interested in researching family history, and this hobby inspired some of the characters in my books. I love reading and also walking in the beautiful Devon countryside.

I have written three books in the "Hartford Manor Series" which is set in North Devon in Victorian times. I wrote my first book "The Mazzard Tree", in spare moments over several years as I was also working full time and raising my family. The second book is called "The Angel Maker", and the third book, "The Rabbit's Foot". You can find out more about me and my books on my website:

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