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Books I have read and Reviewed--and Think You May Love Them Also 8/25

Thursday, August 25, 2022

As an Amazon Affiliate I will get a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking on my link.

When I put up an original review of a book I have read I never use my url--I allow the author to get any credit from sales. However there are many books that I think you may really like--I will put up more about once a week. If the book is still free then I will receive no commission-but will receive a click! There are so many books that are really great!! If you are looking for free kindle books then you might want to google Free Kindle books.

This weeks selection are mostly 1st books in a series (or the first book I ever read by the author--I have read most if not all of books in these series and you will probably see more from these series in the weeks to come!!

Of Half a Mind (The Mind Sleuth Series Book 1)

This is not just the first in the series but also the first book I read by this author. I have continued reading this series(and a couple of others by this author) and am looking forward to more!

The River of Corn: Spanish Conquistadors Clash with Native Americans

Although this is not part of a series, it is the first book I read by this author. The history portrayed along with the storyline are incredible! I have since gone on to read some other of his books which are parts of series. All of them kept me reading. Ues, I still pick up this author's books when I see one. You will see more of them in the coming months!

Rarity from the Hollow

I really enjoyed this book! It is totally unusual. I also love that half the proceeds go to The Children’s Home Society of West Virginia for the prevention of child maltreatment. This said it was Book one--if there is a second I will surely get it and review it!

Ulysses Exposed (Blaire Thorne Book 1)

This is definitely a paranormal mystery with violence and assorted vampires and were-types meant only for 17+ readers! After reading this I contined to read other books by tis author which tended to be very short and extremely good!!

The Dead Game

This is definitely not your usual vampire book--it goes far beyond that and I found myself enthralled with the story line! Enough so that I went on to read the rest of the series and the two other sweuws she has written. I am waiting for a second in the last series!!

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