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What a Couple of Weeks

Saturday, June 4, 2022

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I think it all started on the day the temps hit in the 90's--actually my whole year has been off kilter but not this bad. Was that last Saturday or the Saturday before?

I had to go to a family party at a golf course-no we were not playing golf! I had my Mom and her aide with me. Mom was in rare form and she had absolutely no filter on her mouth. Luckily this was mostly family so they took it mostly in stride. Finally time to leave and I was informed that I had to go and get the car cooled off before driving down to the entrance to get my Mom (w/aide). Did I mention it was in the 90's? By the time I walked up to get said car I was already pretty dizzy -I get heat exhaustion pretty easily these days. I made a few wrong turns-but finally found the entrance! Now get ready---to get out of there I should have made a left--I made a right and ended up on the golf cart roadways--then all of a sudden I was on the grass on an incline of sorts and my car was tilted almost 1/2 way over. Mom and aide were screaming--I somehow stayed coherent and managed to get the car back on 4 wheels!! That could have ended a whole lot worse!! I was pretty shook up and it took a bit but we finally managed to get back to the main road and out of there!! I'm still trying to get that scene out of my head!! Since that day I have not been totally with it.

This Monday I was back at a client. I get paid once a month--guess who forgot to print her own pay. I will remember this Monday or I will be paying late fees on some of my bills.

Meanwhile my Mom get getting letter from the managing agent of her coop that they had not received a copy of her homeowners insurance sonce 2020? I finally got that resolved. Her insurance Co had to send it 3 times before they admitted they had it, I even called the lawyer of the coop who I happened to know since his parents and he lived in the building right next to my Mom!

I had an appointment to get a scan which I generally get about once a year. They told me to be there at 9:15 am. I was there sitting in a waiting room which was freezing cold--then they told me my actual appointment was at 9:45 am--to go back and they would come get me. An hour later--I was totally frozen and I could feel a cold coming on--I got up--she told me to sit down. I informed her I could not-I was too cold! Turns out the machine on that floor was not working. The women took me down to another floor-signed that there was no charge for parking--10 minutes later-it was done and I was back in my car with the heater turned on!!

Yesterday Mom's aide told me that she was running out of some of the foods she likes (I do the shopping for her-sometimes with the aide along. I had seen an ad on Facebook from Acme that if you had never used their pickup service before you could get $20 off. I placed an order for what my Mom needed-paid for it-but there was no code except one that said if you spent $75 you could get 30.00 off--NO WAY--Well it turns out that the Facebook post was a BATE AND SWITCH. I did call the customer service number and the store I shop at said they do not accept Facebook Ads. I did ultimately run out--pick up the groceries-then drive to my Mom's so she would have what she needed.

I got home again and collapsed. I could not even put up the new posts for the threads--I barely managed to close the prior days threads!!

So if it seems that I am not doing things on social media like I usually do--you would be correct--and yes, I definitely caught a head cold and possible bronchitis from freezing in that hospital!!

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