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STARLUX Games Dive Diamonds GA-1-US Ends 5/11

Thursday, May 5, 2022

STARLUX Games Dive Diamonds Giveaway
May 4-11, 2022
Open to USA

Your children will have a blast in the pool with this toy. They can make up any rules they want. Just make sure they keep applying sunscreen because they just might be in the pool for hours!!

Summer time brings more fun games in the water. And with that, you gotta provide water toys and games for the kids to enjoy the weather more.

Here it is a new water game and toy for kids of a broad age group – Dive Diamonds glowing toys. Colorful, with a good grip, these plastic toys exude light under the water when turned on. But children can enjoy these dive diamonds any time of the day!

Dive Diamonds pieces glow in the dark

Starlux Dive Diamonds has endless possibilities of scenarios. Each game kit has three glowing diamond treasures. Throw them into the pool water, set the rules for a game, and kids will have time spend in a fun and happy competition.

Check out the features of Dive Diamonds!

  • Waterproof
  • Land always on the flat side
  • Batteries last for a long time
  • Reusable

You have a chance to enter to win your own kid of glowing in the dark dive diamonds to celebrate Summer time with more fun memories.

Prize is a Set of Dive Diamonds

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ken ohl said...

think it looks like something my little niece would enjoy

Elizabeth Tarlow said...

I'd love to win this Dive Diamonds water game for my 2 Grandkids! It looks like such a fun game! Anything involving water is a favorite Summertime activity for them!

bn100 said...

to play it

Candie L said...

This would be fun to play with during the fun summer months. Thank you

the Mama said...

I am entering to win this for my grandkids, to enjoy in the pool at the campground where we go camping in the summer.

Lancon Carrie said...

My kids love swimming so they would love this

Jennifer Blank said...

This would be a great surprise for all the kiddos on memorial day, every year they count down the days to open the pool up again!

Jamie said...

This looks like something that would be fun to do as a family at the pool!

Janine h said...

Y kids would have a blast with this during summer

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