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Book Review-Shepherd's Delight (The Applecross Saga Book 2) -Amanda Giorgis

Friday, May 13, 2022

I so enjoyed the Wideawake Hat (see my review here) that I just had to read this second in the series! Again I can't say enough about this series and the characters portrayed as they slowly make New Zealand their home. Of course there is plenty that goes wrong and lots that go right. Every character really made me love them all--except one of them.

With all the problems you will really love the happy ending!! You should read both of these books in order as they do follow each other.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Someone is looking for James Mackenzie.

Our hero is beset by dark thoughts. Worried that his past deception may catch up with him, and depressed by the death of his first true son. Through thick and thin, his wife Sophia sees the good in everything and everyone, and together they are making a success of their lives at Applecross station. Visitors come and go, some becoming welcome additions to their circle of friends, and some who give more pleasure when they leave. But, the final and unexpected guest, someone who has been searching for James Mackenzie for a very long time, will be the one who changes things forever.

A fictional tale, set against the stunning scenery of New Zealand’s Mackenzie Basin, using true historical events surrounding the European settlers in South Canterbury in the late 1800s.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Amanda likes to weave well-researched, true historical facts into her stories while building credible and likeable characters amongst the ordinary folk of rural New Zealand in the late1800s. She would love you to join her in their adventures, triumphs and tragedies. And we mustn't forget the dogs who worked so hard on high country farms to bring prosperity to the region. Meet Friday, James' favourite collie and all her descendants. Their story deserves to be told too.

Amanda was born in Somerset, England. She emigrated far too late in life to New Zealand in 2008 and now writes while looking out onto the flat plains with snow-capped mountains beyond. It is a place where it is easy to find inspiration for stories of the early settlers who made this unique place their home.

She shares her home with her long-suffering husband, Terry and three rescued huntaway dogs, Nemo, Jess and Ted. Their ten acres of wild garden are home to an assortment of chickens, more ornamental than productive, and a small flock of self-shedding sheep. At night, the big skies, unpolluted by light, provide glorious views of the milky way, and an occasional glimpse of the Southern Lights.

When not writing, Amanda rings church bells and enjoys photography, gardening and finding out about her family history. On lazy days, when not reading or listening to a book, she gets the knitting needles out.

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