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Book Review-The Jade Emperor Suzanne Jenkins

Monday, May 9, 2022

This is about a family with lots of problems. The Mom kept everything going even though she knew her husband of 40 years really didn't love her or the children. Then came the day when a stranger appeared at their door saying he wanted to speak to her husband. It turns out that it was his son. He had been with a women in Vietnam but never knew she was pregnant. She married a different soldier and told him it was his son. When he died she finally told her son the truth.

This obviously threw the entire family for a loop especially when the Dad left his wife of 40 years for this woman. All except for the Mom--started acting out. Well. she did a bit also. Mom kept trying to make everything okay. She even allowed her step son to stay with her--His Mom-a Vietnamese woman was a bit of work with a mouth that wouldn't quit!!

It was she who finally brought everything to a happy ending just in time for Tet!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

The Jade Emperor is a Southern California Book Festival Runner-up, Book Excellence Award Finalist and New Apple Literary Award Official Selection

After a stranger appears on their doorstep late one night, a picture-perfect family takes a side-trip to crazytown in this story of a soldier's last chance at love.

What do twins Kelly and Karen have in common besides the same birthdate? Nothing, except they are inseparable. When a lifelong mystery regarding Kelly's marriage is solved, the fragile relationship she has with Karen begins to fall apart, as do the lives of Kelly and her husband Steve's children.

In the end, as they begin to pick up the pieces, the family comes together in a new way, stronger than ever before.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

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