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I Was Missing In Action

Thursday, April 28, 2022

I was not on the Internet for about two days--even longer then that I was not on Facebook.

Here is what happened. First my computer was giving me a hard time for a couple of weeks--then Facebook decided to cut me off because I would not do that 2nd authorization nonsense. Then my computer would simply not turn on!! No matter what I did. I have an All-in-One from Dell so I called their tech support. Thankfully I had bought the warranty back when!! The tech stayed on the phone with me for way over an hour and finally determined I needed a new Mother Board. He said that it might take 2 or 3 days to get someone to my house. A miracle occurred and the guy showed up the very next day!! My computer is now fixed!!!!! I LOVE Dell!! Actually I have always purchased Dell computers and now always will!!!--As for Facebook---

I had purchased an app that gives you keys to get those darn codes--but I was tired of waiting so I bit the bullet and input my cell number-. It took me a while to figure out how to access the messages--I really do not use it that much at all. So now I am back on Facebook--with an app and key that I paid for and will never use. Of course the way things are going on the internet I think I will just hold on to it.

I also went to Best Buy to pick up a little unit that I could use while waiting for the tech guy to come and fix my computer. It was plenty expensive and I never could figure out how to make it work. I will attempt to go back and return it today. Heck I do need a new telephone and the money spent would be better spent on that!!

So all's well that ends well!! (as long as I get that refund!!)

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