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Book Review-Perennials: County Line Horror #1-Bryce Gibson

Monday, April 25, 2022

This story will certainly hold your attention. It is both a murder mystery and a coming of age tale of a teen boy and girl from the south. There is a serial killer in the area which has everyone a bit frightened. What is truly unusual is that all the victims seem to have been named after plants--but the the entire small town seems to have been named after plants. I definitely had trouble keeping up with the names!

When people from the town are murdered and or attacked-things start to get a bit scary. Nandina moved with her family to this small town with her parents. She was none to happy about it until she met Dusty. Her long time boyfriend from the town she had originally lived had gone off to college and left her heartbroken-Dusty's best friend died-it was assumed that he died of a heart condition that no one knew about.

There are twists and turns near the end that will have chills running up and down your body. This is definitely worth a read!!

I received the pdf of this book from the author for my enjoyment and a possible review.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Perennials is both a teen thriller and a coming-of-age story set in the Deep South. Imagine elements of To Kill a Mockingbird and I Know What You Did Last Summer being thrown into a blender.

"A beautifully written serial killer thriller." ~ Peachy Keen Book Reviews

"A sizzling Southern tale of murder." ~ Altered Instincts

Summer in South Carolina - a time of ripe peaches, crackling bonfires, trips to the lake, and the rural legend of a creature known as the Lizard Man.

This year, a very real monster is lurking about.

The victims all have one thing in common - they share their names with plants.

Soon it becomes apparent that seventeen-year-olds Dusty Miller and Nandina Bush may be next on the killer's list.

From Bookbub: "In South Carolina, children swap stories of a monstrous urban legend to liven up a sleepy summer - not realizing a very real predator lurks nearby. When 17-year-old Dusty Miller is marked as a target, he'll need to untangle kids' tales from true dangers in the rich Southern mystery."

Read a Chapter or Two Here

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About the Author: (from his website)

BRYCE GIBSON writes fiction that takes readers to charming and oftentimes sinister areas of the South. He holds a degree in Media Arts from the University of South Carolina, works full time as a farmer, and lives in South Carolina with his wife and their dog.

Bryce is the author of the Young Adult thrillers Killer Tech: High Voltage, Killer Tech: Auto Shop, Tethered, The Resort, The Reading Buddy, and Perennials, as well as the Southern mystery Unclaimed Acre. In early 2019, Bryce officially launched his own teen thriller brand, County Line Horror.

He is currently at work on his next book.

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