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Book Review-The Hummingbird and the Sea (The Dawnland Chronicles Book 1)-Jenny Bond

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Be sure to have tissues on hand for when you are reading this fictitious account of life in a small Puritanical town. According to the author only a couple of the character's were real life people-

It was not always an easy life-and people can be cruel-but had it's bright moments. Sensitively written-with all that happens, and there is a lot, you will want to finish this in one sitting. There is a sort of partially sad and partially happy cliff hanger at the end. I really want to read the second in this series to see if it has a truly happy ending at least for a couple of the main players.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

How far will a person go to gain freedom?

When Samuel Bellamy, an enigmatic Englishman on the run from the Crown, seeks refuge in Eastham, Massachusetts, the life of Maria Hallett begins to tragically unravel. Stepping outside the boundaries of her pious and unforgiving Puritan community, she faces censure and judgement from her family and church. Eventually Maria is pushed to the limits of her sanity when a trusted, childhood friend betrays her in the most heinous and violent of ways. Based on the true story of pirate “Black Sam” Bellamy, The Hummingbird and the Sea is a powerful tale of love, faith, hidden passions and the eternal search for freedom. Perfect for fans of Outlander and Hour of the Witch

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Whether contemporary or historical fiction, Jenny’s books are about determined, strong females attempting to define their place in the world. With compassion and insight, Jenny clearly observes how women think and feel, and how they confront the many challenges that pave the road to their happiness and success. Her stories take readers on an emotional journey that is sometimes tragic, often romantic, and always inspiring. Jenny’s books have been published in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe.

Fans appreciate Jenny’s approach to fiction, saying of The President’s Lunch, “I loved this book and truly felt I was in the White House watching not only Eleanor and FDR but also witnessing a rebirth of America as they brought her out of depression and reluctantly faced a new challenge: war.” Critics too have heaped praise on Jenny. Who Weekly boasted of her debut novel, Perfect North, “a true story so tragically romantic you couldn't make it up.”

One of Jenny’s first non-fiction books, Who The Hell Is Pansy O’Hara?, was about the stories behind great novels - what it was that inspired the authors to write those books. As she researched, she realised most bestselling authors did not begin their careers as writers. By way of writing skills, all they possessed was a great grasp of language and an urge to tell a wonderful story. This gave Jenny, still an English teacher at the time, the inspiration to dip her toes into the waters of fiction.

Whether she has been at home, living and working in another country, or travelling for the sake of adventure and research, she has never spent a single day without a book by her side. This meant slipping from the act of reading into the act of writing didn't actually seem that much of a change.

“I do get a little bit lost in the research and writing process, but now I couldn’t actually imagine life without it. The characters are fascinating to live with - so much so that sometimes it can be difficult to finally admit a book is finished!” Jenny says.

Jenny lives in Canberra, Australia with her husband, two sons, and a lively Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Mick. She enjoys running, swimming and yoga daily as she believes staying active is an integral component of a happy writing life. Visit Jenny online at

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