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Book Review-The Best Friend : A Military Veteran Romance -Leanne Davis

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Has there ever been a friend in your life that you never knew really wanted to be with you--but would not even mention it because you were with his best friend? It can happen-and it does to Gretchen She ended up marrying her high school sweetheart--but things did not exactly work out. They divorced and she went back to college to become a child psychologist. She is one of those people who seems to have it all together and has come to terms with being single with no children. She will be adopting a young girl soon--she promised the girls dying grandmother she would.

Then she bumps into Tony-her ex's best friend and hers actually while food shopping. He lost an arm while in the service and is currently hiding out at his parents home. Why he is there will make you cry when it is revealed. Gretchen refuses to let Tony be and tries to get him back to the way he used to be--he is angry and definitely out to hurt the world and everyone in it. He still loves Gretchen--but because he has only one arm he feels like he is not good enough for her. It takes the young girl to break through Tony's anger.

There is an incredibly happy ending but many parts will have you reaching for the tissues.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Gretchen Hendricks spent half her life in love with a man who ended up more dedicated to his job than her. After a divorce that left her devastated, she put all her energies into building up her career as a psychologist. Now, well into her thirties she has achieved professional success, and leads a model life. She has tried to let go of her girlhood dreams of a marriage and kids to complement her career. After being burned so thoroughly by the boy she’d given her young, girlish heart to, she is happier alone.

Until one day she runs into her adolescent friend, Tony Lindstrom and realizes the catastrophic circumstances that have ended his service in the United States Army. It has been two years since the end of Tony's professional career, and life as he knew it. But he has done nothing to accept what happened to him, or even begun to learn how to live with it. He is holed up in his parents' house, without a job or prospects of any kind, and the thing is: he's just fine with that. He figures he's paid his dues to society more than the average person; doesn't he deserve to be left alone to deal with things how he wants?

But then he runs into the one woman he always loved, and could never have, because she was always his best friend’s girl. Gretchen will not accept who Tony has become, or that he has completely given up on living a worthwhile life. But Tony can’t contemplate anything with Gretchen because to him, what good is a man who is incomplete on the outside, but completely broken inside?

The Sister Series is an epic, multi-family, multi-generational saga that spans sixty years, with overlapping family entanglements, tragedies, triumphs and romance. It touches on the emotional scars and battles that are often hidden in people. Rape. Drugs. Abuse. Violence. Pain. Betrayal. And how they can be overcome. Joy. Family. Forgiveness. Faith. Hope. Redemption…Love. So, buckle in for this 19 book saga that will both break and heal your heart.

Reading Order for The Sister Series: The Other Sister The Years Between (Jessie & Will)-1.5 not included in series count The Good Sister The Best Friend The Wrong Sister The Years After The Broken Sister The Perfect Sister The Lost Sister The Remaining Sister The Step Sister Christina Natalie Melissa Emily Wesley Wyatt Devon Damion

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

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Leanne Davis writes new adult & contemporary romance. Her books have been listed on numerous Amazon bestseller lists, including the Movers & Shakers list and in Amazon's Top 120 overall books. She is also a #1 Bestselling New Adult author by The Other Sister.

Leanne lives in Western Washington in the outskirts of Seattle. Rain, traffic and Starbucks really is a thing here. But so is endless evergreens, water and mountains. There is nowhere else she'd rather spend her time when not writing, than grabbing some coffee or slipping off into the natural wonders of the area.

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