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Too Many Changes!!

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Now Amazon is making changes--bad enough we have been dealing with Facebook and their constant changes and the occasional Twitter changes. Although I do not subscribe to Alexa I do click in from my website to see what my numbers are. I just noticed this today

We will be retiring on May 1, 2022. For more information, click here This notice is for subscribers and non subscribers like me. This one might or might not affect you depending on whether you care about your Alexa score.

That is not the worst--and this will affect most of us as we look for products that we either want or need. They are taking away the search function which is there when you first go in!

Important Notice

On 02/28/2022 we will no longer support the Quick Links: Search for a product feature on Associates Central. Please see here for more information.

I think this might be for associates and affiliates only--but I guess we shall see--

Meanwhile I better get in there and look for the specific powder my Mom wants--she just ran out of it--if I can't find it there--guess I will just have to google it!!

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Andi said...

Well, that's going to be a major PITA for me as an Associate. Thank you for posting about it. I missed that update.

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