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My Life is a Convoluted Craziness Right Now

Saturday, January 8, 2022

I am usually able to go with the flow--but ever since this year (which I pronounce Two Thousand Twenty Two in hopes it will not follow 2020 or 2021)things have been getting out of control. Some good--some not so good and the good and the bad are somewhat intertwined at times.

The good news is I was able to find a really good eye doctor who uses an exceptional eye surgeon. The cateract in my eye was finally removed after a year and a half. I had to wait until Covid had slowed down a bit where I live--and I really could not see out of that eye almost at all. Luckily, in this case, I happen to have double vision so I actually do not use that much anyway--but it is nice to be able to see more then a blur out of it when I do!!

Meanwhile, my primary doctor (who also happened to be my pulmonologist)retired. He set me up with a doctor in the same office and I found a new primary. She is very good but I think I might have almost given her a heart attack. You see I don't go to or call any doctor unless I am in dire need of one! Well, I fell full out in my apartment, and yes I hit my head on the wall. I knew no bones were broken (I was able to somehow get up, walk to the kitchen and get a bag of frozen brussel sprouts to put on the massive bump on my head and my knee). It was 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday and IF I had called the ambulance and had them take me to the hospital--and then they did not admit me--I would have had to pay 100% of the bill. What I did was keep myself awake until around 9--called 2 different friends and asked them to call me every couple of hours. Even the doctor had to admit I did every correctly. I did not go to see her until Tuesday--I had a totally black eye and was badly bruised all down my legs. As expected, by me at least, she said I had to get my knee(s) xrayed and a cat scan of my brain and go see a neurologist. No breaks and no brain bleeds were found. All I was really worried about was--would that black eye go away before I had to have cateract surgery-luckily it did!! Went to see the neurologist who I had seen for the essential tremor prior to this. She though she saw a spot on the cat scan and said I needed an MRI of my brain--there was nothing there either.

I had an appointment to go see a vascular surgeon. I was sent there by a podiatrist who said he could not help me with the reason I had been sent there. My primary wanted to make sure there were no blood clots hiding out in my veins or arteries because I have red bands around my ankles which do swell up on occasion. I may go back to see the podiatrist to cut my toe nails when all of this other stuff is done! The vascular surgeon decided I had to have tests done in his office--that was an extremely painful set of tests--the guy who did them could not even finish the 2nd one because I simply could not tolerate the pain. I have to go find out the results on Tuesday.

Now back to my brand new pulmonologist. Went the other day--a normal visit. After he told me he was only pulmonology-he started asking all other types of questions--like did the eye surgery work? The eye doctor is the only one who is not connected to the same group as the others--so nothing was written in my chart about it. So much for only interested in pulmonology--back to see him in 4 months. That means another Covid test three days before the visit--and those hurt!! (It was negative thankfully)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the bank I have used for 30 some odd years was selling all accounts to another bank. I finally received a large packet of info from that bank, read it all, and said to myself--no way!! First I went to one bank and stood in a line in the freezing cold for over a half hour before someone walked out and I asked him if there was anyone in there who could open a new account for me. The answer was NO--you have to make an appointment! I went home and called another bank--same thing--you have to go online and make an appointment. Well I did and since this is the bank that my Mom uses I went to that appointment and opened a new account and had him send in a request for a credit card--I was accepted. Right now I am totally at a loss--where do I put my money to make sure all bills get paid--and there are a lot of bills I have to change the account when the time is right--my anxiety level is at an all time high!!

Meanwhile I have to pull all my clients up to date for year end and get to their accountants--I have to get my own and my Mom's ready for me to do--keep up with what is happening with my 99 year old Mom--AND deal with the fact that the managing agent has sold our co-op to a different company and nobody seems to know what is going on! There will be a Zoom meeting on Wednesday.

And lastly, my cat, Baby needs feeding--when she wants it and seems to want more of my attention then usual!! SHE does not give me a break going as far to step on the phone numbers if I am on the phone--others think it is cute--me not so much!!

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Chariss K. Walker, Author said...

That is a lot of stress to deal with. My heart goes out to you.

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