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It is Definitely Raining Out there!!

Monday, January 17, 2022

It is 3:30 in the morning--the rain is coming down in torrents-the wind is really blowing! Guess I'll be staying home again today. There is sure to be flooding on most if not all of the parkways--the Bronx River Pkwy, the Saw Mill River Pkwy and the Hutchinson River Parkway--yes they all have rivers right next to them. The streets will also be flooding--and with the sound of that wind--NO umbrella will help you out! Of course with all the freezing temps we have had lately--IF this all stops--we might end up surrounded by black ice on roads, sidewalks etc. Well one thing is certain--I am very happy this is not snow!! And I am very happy I stocked up on Soup--all different kinds.

I still have a bowl left of that vegetable soup I made and some of the squash soup from DiCicco's as well as 1/2 container of the Wonton soup I picked up the other day from a Chinese Restaurant near me. I also have 3 jars of Rao's Chicken Soup and various other canned soups. I do have food other then that--but all I seem to want is soup!! Well soup, crackers, chips and cookies round out my eating. I really do have to make something different for dinner--I have small steaks and hamburger in the freezer--and my favorite veggie--(frozen) Brussel Sprouts.

Lucky for me I am semi-retired thus I can go to the client that I would have gone to today tomorrow. There is no mail today anyway--it is Martin Luther King Day!!

Maybe I will finish my tax prep work--I am almost there--read a book and simply relax! Baby, my cat, does not seem to be bothered by any of this--she is just probably happy that I will ne home with her all day!

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Christy Maurer said...

We got a foot of snow! I'm not going anywhere either!

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