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Book Review-A Scot to Wed (Scottish Hearts)-Callie Hutton

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

I am a fan of Scottish historicals as you all have probably noticed by now. I really like the ones that have very strong females who are pitted against equally as strong males. This one was so enjoyable I just kept reading it straight through.

There was a definitely good reason that Katie left her home and had her clan follow her--not giving up why--it took Lord MacNeil a very long time to find the answer to that as well.

They butted heads more often then not--luckily there was another charactor or two who was not afraid to tell the Lord off and make him see where he was making a big mistake.

This is a clean and very readable novel that will have you laughing and sometimes almost crying--but forever interested--and yes--there is a happy ending!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Highlander Laird Evan MacNeil cannot believe Mistress Katie Sterling just shows up at the MacDuff castle with this faded piece of parchment laying claim to the lands he just legally inherited. Not that he really wants to be here in the lowlands, but he has responsibilities to his clan and the exasperating Katie has uprooted the remnants of her father’s clan and moved them across the country to live here. There’s no way he can leave to go back home now.

Katie has nowhere else to go and she refuses to bow down to the arrogant yet undeniably handsome Highlander. She’s had enough with men trying to control her and she is quite capable of handling herself.

Now that Evan must spar with a beautiful lass for the rights to the lands, he will fight to the end. This battle is nothing like the ones his ancestors fought with crossbows and boiling oil. They never wanted to bed the enemy.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

My historical romances are full of heat, humor, and quirky characters. I’ve always loved history, which was my college major. Things of the past fascinate me. Not those boring history classes in high school, but the history of people. How they lived their lives, what they ate, what they wore, the challenges they faced, what they worried about.

I have recently delved into Historical Cozy Mysteries. My very first one, For the Love of the Baron, a Historical Romantic Suspense novella, spurred me to try a full length, non-romance focused cozy mystery. A Study in Murder released this year from Crooked Lane Publishing, and the reviews have been very good. The second book in that series, The Sign of Death, will release in April of 2021.

Although those books are not strictly romance, the main characters, William, Lord Wethington, and Lady Amy Lovell have formed a friendship while solving a murder mystery. Who knows where that will take them?

Take a look around my website and check out some of the books I write, and their lovely covers.

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