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Book Review-Murder at Melrose Court: A 1920s Country House Christmas Murder-Karen Baugh Menuhin

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Why are so many murders being committed--and who is trying to put the blame on Major Lennox. Amd please do not call him by his first name--he really does not like it!! He lives a solitary life with his little dog and a couple of servants in a gigantic house--which he really can not afford.

After finding a dead body on his front step--he decides maybe he will go to his uncles house for Christmas (with his dog of course). His uncle has met and is about to marry someone. She is a TERROR and not only has the uncle change his will--but says NO DOGS allowed in the house? Well she ends up dead as do two other people. The constable is positive it is Major Lennox!

Will he be able to prove his innocense? Who is the real murderer--you really will not guess with all the twists and turns!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Book 1 in The Heathcliff Lennox series

It's 1920 and Christmas is coming. Major Lennox finds a body on his doorstep - why on his doorstep? Was it to do with the Countess? Was it about the ruby necklace? Lennox goes to Melrose Court home to his uncle, Lord Melrose, to uncover the mystery. But then the murders begin and it snows and it all becomes very complicated....

Major Heathcliff Lennox, ex-WW1 war pilot, six feet 3 inches, tousled, dark blond hair, age around 30 - named after the hero of Wuthering Heights by his romantically minded mother - much to his great annoyance. Murder at Melrose Court is the first book in the Lennox series.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Along with my family, my friends, my dog, and my cat.

At age 60 I decided to write. I don't know why but suddenly the stories came pouring out along with the characters.

Eccentric uncles, stalwart butlers, idiosyncratic servants, machinating Countesses, Mr Fogg the dog, little Tubbs the foundling kitten, and the hapless Major Heathcliff Lennox at the center of it all.

Suddenly a whole world built itself upon the page and I just followed along.

I've lived an itinerant life, always on the move having grown up in the military. My two sons are Jonathan and Sam Baugh who is married to Wendy and my grandchildren are Scarlett, Hugo, Charlie, Joshua and Isabella Rose. We are infinitely fortunate in each other.

My dear husband is Krov Menuhin, ex-US Special Forces, and documentary filmmaker. He is the eldest son of the violinist, Yehudi Menuhin.

Member of the Crime Writers Association

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