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The Search for the Perfect Rye Bread

Saturday, December 11, 2021

My Mom is a breadoholic--seriously. I sometimes think she could live on bread alone-not really but it seems that way! For a couple of years now first she-then I-have been searching high and low for the rye bread that we both enjoyed years ago. A good Rye Bread with seeds-preferably sliced. She always finished the loaves--but was never truly satisfied. I have to say--she was right--they just were not the same.

I ordered from on-line--I searched grocery market shelves--I tried different bakeries--no luck. She no longer goes out to shop-so that leaves me---Well it happened that I went to a store to get a certain cut of steak that she prefers. They sometimes call it Chicken Steak--but few stores carry it often. This store called it Beef Chuck Flat Iron Filet Steak. I hadn't been to Stew Leonard's in a very long time--but I went went after I spoke to their butcher on the phone.

They were so nice and accomodating. There were none in the meat aisle-so they went and got some from the back and cut it up for me just the way she likes it! Then I browsed a bit. I was able to get a small piece of salmon and a small tilapia. At 99 my Mom really does still enjoy eating--just not large portions!

Then a small miracle-I saw a bread-Rye bread-they called it New York Rye Bread--I bought it--

When I drove directly to my Mom's to deliver the purchases-I took a slice of the bread and took a bite-I immediately took another slice and said-"taste it Mom". She smiled and said--finally!! It was close enough to satisfy even her!! I guess I will be going to Stew Leonards more often now!!

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