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Book Review-Christmas Corpse (A Christmas Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)-Mona Marple

Monday, October 25, 2021

Don't let the title scare you away--there is a corpse but even so this is one of the most happy cozies I have read in a long time. Of course it is part fantasy. But what a wonderful fantasy it is! It is a totally clean read which even your children might enjoy! I mean really-who wouldn't want to land in a place that is Christmas all year long with all the appropriate cast of characters you would expect. And what a gratifyingly happy ending!! For the child in all of us--read and smile!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Welcome to Candy Cane Hollow, where every day feels like Christmas!

Holly Wood (yes, that's her real name) is driving home for Christmas and not feeling too happy about the empty house waiting for her.

When her car skids into a snow bank, she's rescued by a sweet old lady who promises her name is Mrs Claus.

Holly is taken to Candy Cane Hollow to recover, and finds herself in a genuine winter wonderland.

As Christmas Day approaches, the grouchy medical receptionist appears to have been poisoned by a mince pie.

And to Holly's surprise, Mrs Claus is the prime suspect.

With Mrs Claus under suspicion, Holly vows to return the woman's generosity by clearing her name.

Maybe it will impress Mrs Claus' dimpled dish of a son, too?

Christmas Corpse is a festive cozy mystery and first in an exciting new series by popular author Mona Marple. This book is a clean read, free from swearing, on-page violence or sexual content.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

ONE PENNY A STORY, I called across the playground.

Entirely unusual, given how shy I was (and still am), for me to be shouting anything across a playground.

But there I was, a double-sided sheet of narrow ruled paper (I've always been kind of particular about the paper I like. Back then, narrow ruled. Now, grid.) in my hand, selling stories I hadn't yet wrote.

Every line featured a different title. I'd lay on my bed the night before thinking of them all, probably singing along to Boyzone songs as I did [hey, don't judge... I see you over there like you never thought you were destined to marry a boy band singer...].

My school friends could buy a Mona original for one penny. One penny!

They'd pick the title they liked, hand over their sweaty penny, and I'd write the story for them.

And I've never grown out of writing stories.

Now, I write cozy mystery stories from my den in the Peak District, and when I'm not writing them, I'm reading them.

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tisme143 said...

This book sounds amazing!! will you be doing a giveaway on a copy of this book.

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