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Book Review-The Bookseller and the Earl-Callie Hutton

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

I think you are going to absolutely love this book-I know I did! Addie Mallory is dyslexic and she has decided that she might as well forget about finding a husband and open a bookstore. She finally convinced her parents to allow this--she opened a bookstore in Bath. Her parents lived in London-obviously her Mom was none too pleased and kept sneakily sending men her way!

Lord Grayson's wife is dead and he has decided that he will not marry again. He has a young son who is deaf. Everyone around him thinks he should put the child in an asylum--this he will not do!!

Grayson walks into the bookstore one day and they get to talking. Between the two of them they manage to contact people who might be able to teach his son sign language. They team up--Addie's Mom is very happy--Addie is happy and so is Grayson. But more important so is his little son!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Miss Addie Mallory is finished with the husband hunt. After six London Seasons as a wallflower, she convinces her parents that she should be allowed to use her dowry to buy a bookstore in Bath where she can live her life the way she wants. Lord Grayson, Earl of Berkshire, has never gotten over his deceased wife’s betrayal with his own brother. He plans to make his life all about his son, Michael, who is deaf. When Grayson’s sister-in-law serves him with court papers declaring Michael incompetent with the intention of having her own son named as Grayson’s rightful heir, he turns to Addie, a dyslexic bookstore owner, for help. Addie takes a personal interest in helping the boy. However, as time passes, Grayson and Addie’s joint venture to keep Michael from being declared incompetent leads to feelings and desires neither one of them expected. Or necessarily wanted.

***** The Merry Misfits of Bath is a brand-new Regency romance series from USA Today bestselling author Callie Hutton. Each standalone story features a heroine who doesn't quite fit in but who finally finds her happy ever after with a hero who sees her through the eyes of love. Three women turn their backs on London and the husband hunt and take up residency in the lovely town of Bath. Miss Adeline Mallory, who has suffered from dyslexia her whole life, convinces her parents that marriage is simply not in her future and to release her dowry to her so she can open a bookstore. Miss Charlotte Danvers escapes the reputation her mother built as the most expensive courtesan in London and supports herself by teaching young ladies all the finer points of the ton who will never accept her as one of their own. Lady Pamela Manning cannot get through an entire sentence without stuttering. But she sings like an angel. She’s happy with her new life as a music teacher, even if most of her students have no ear for music. They come together as friends and title themselves The Merry Misfits of Bath. But the question lingers: How long will they remain misfits?

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

My historical romances are full of heat, humor, and quirky characters. I’ve always loved history, which was my college major. Things of the past fascinate me. Not those boring history classes in high school, but the history of people. How they lived their lives, what they ate, what they wore, the challenges they faced, what they worried about.

I have recently delved into Historical Cozy Mysteries. My very first one, For the Love of the Baron, a Historical Romantic Suspense novella, spurred me to try a full length, non-romance focused cozy mystery. A Study in Murder released this year from Crooked Lane Publishing, and the reviews have been very good. The second book in that series, The Sign of Death, will release in April of 2021.

Although those books are not strictly romance, the main characters, William, Lord Wethington, and Lady Amy Lovell have formed a friendship while solving a murder mystery. Who knows where that will take them?

Take a look around my website and check out some of the books I write, and their lovely covers.

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