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A Lunch I Never Forgot

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Picture from https://pixabay.com/photos/avocado-salad-fresh-food-829092/

Many, many years ago I went to lunch at a restaurant in Bronxville (that restaurant is no longer there) and ordered an Avocado salad. It was not exactly like the picture above--but it was delicious! I have been buying Seafood Salad from the Fresh Market lately. It is a delicous combination of imitation crab, a bit of celery and not too much mayo. I hadn't quite finished the last bit and decided to go get an avocado---not as easy as you would think. I got one and it is still sitting on my counter until it hopefully ripens. I got tired of waiting--

Today I was in another store and low and behold there were some that were already ripe--and they were on sale? I got 1 of them amd came home and immediately cut it in half. Got the seafood salad out of the fridge and put a couple of scoops. I probably should have scooped out all the avocado and mixed it in with the seafood salad-then put it sll back in the shells--there is always the next time!

And yes, there will be a next time--I saw in the stores circular that because I have enough rewards I can get 1 avocado for free!!

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