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The Shelves Are Not Stocked

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

I was food shopping yesterday and noticed that the shelves looked kind of empty. I asked one of the people what was happening. She told me that supplies were just not coming in due to various reasons--shipping being high on that list. The day before one of my friends was telling me how there was a shortage of toilet paper and paper towels again where she shops. Actually I had been noticing less and less items to purchase in just about any store I walked in.

I have read there is a supply chain problem and not enough truckers to bring the products where they need to go--plus with all the fires and flooding and drought-fresh produce is probably not being grown in the quantities that they used to be.

What is really troubling me is something I just read. It seems that some schools are having trouble with food as well. Not everywhere--but there are schools that are finding it more and more difficult to give lunches to the kids, much less healthy ones. Now that schools are open (mostly) again-I am hoping this doesn't happen all over the country if not all over the world!

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