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Book Review-Rescued and Remembered (MedAir Series Book 2-Braxton DeGarmo

Monday, September 6, 2021

I could not wait any longer--I just had to read the 2nd book in this series-the cliff hanger in the first one was driving me right up the wall. Click in to see my review of the 1st in this series here.

Amy's boyfriend was presumed dead and there was a big funeral held for him--however his body was never found. Well he did survive with the help of a woman who was living deep in the woods-but he had no memory of anything before--The woman called him Jusef. She was in hiding after having been helped to escape from a VERY bad man who ran a human trafficking operation-among other pursuits.

She helped him to slowly regain his memory and re taught him how to eat, use utensils, etc. As his memory started to slowly come back he got involved with helping this woman. They had to keep moving to different locations to protect her.

When they finally got to a safe house Jusef really began to help get some of the other women out of bondage. There is lots of action at this point!

Jusef, who had regained his memory at this point and knew who he was kept it quiet for a while. When Lynch finally returned to his own name and they called on an agent to help them take down the sex trafficker and his political allies Amy is kidnapped. Her current boyfriend and the group Lance is involved with join forces.

One of the allies is someone you will never expect (and neither did anyone else).

Now we are left with 3 men and 2 woman--who will end up with who and who will be left heartbroken? This will keep you reading straight through--not to be missed!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Coming back from the dead isn't easy . . .

When you have to save the one who saved you.Fished from the river, nearly dead, it's been three hard months . . . Jusef has no memory. He needs assistance to feed himself. His benefactor lives in fear in the remote river cabin. She has a price on her head.For Amy Gibbs, RN, it's been three months of torture-- from PTSD. Thanks to the monster who twice attacked and nearly killed her . . . and killed her boyfriend. His body was never recovered.

But now, an Army veteran recently returned from Afghanistan has enticed her with his charm and confidence. Is he who he says he is? In a series of twists and turns, the four become embroiled in the battle against human trafficking. Their target is powerful, well-armed, widespread . . . and rich enough to bribe politicians, policemen, and judges. They have vowed to fight.They will need all their courage and determination . . . guardian angels, and a miracle.

Escape the ordinary as you follow the lives of our heroes. Download Rescued and Remembered now, but be warned: it might change how you see life.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

DID YOU KNOW . . . the cheapest place to buy my books is through my website. BTW, book one of my series is FREE there also. ***** Braxton DeGarmo spent over 30 years in Emergency and Family Medicine, both in and out of the military, before retiring to focus on writing in 2014. Many of the incidents in his books are based on real occurrences, people, and experiences in his own life, such as learning to escape a water crash in a helicopter. Human trafficking, medical kidnapping, government corruption, and other social injustices have become the premises used for his stories. And the technologies described in his books are all current . . . and possible.

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