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Book Review-Humpty Bumpkin-Sam Cheever

Friday, September 10, 2021

Her parents died in a plane crash leaving her the large estate and their business. She is definitely not over it yet. If it weren't for her loveable dog (a pitbull) she probably would never get out of bed. You are going to love this dog-who thinks everyone is his friend--until they mess with his girl!!

When taking a walk with her pitty-he finds something--and brings it to her--a human finger. Now this is her property and she decides she better help solve this murder. She hires a PI.

As they run through the suspects lots goes on. Will they or the sheriff manage to find the murderer. And to make things even more interesting--secrets are revealed about her parents that she never knew which caused her to wonder were they murdered or did the plane have some kind of a malfunction?

I found myself laughing at parts and read it in one sitting. I am pretty sure you will enjoy this one!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

She's just a country girl who loves her dog. But her life is about to get less countrified and more...erm...homicide.

Deer Hollow is a small community built in a verdant, rolling countryside. The nearest big city is over an hour away and big city ways are rejected at the Hollow. Unfortunately, the big city isn’t the only place where bad things can happen.

Things like murder…which has a funny way of messin’ up a debutante’s day and turning a sunny Sunday in June right over onto its bucolic head.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Nobody really cares that Sam Cheever is a USA Today Bestselling Author. Nobody cares that she's written a whole ton of fun and snappy books. Let's face it, the most interesting thing about Sam is the fact that she's a dogaholic. Yeah, there's no Dogaholic's Anonymous chapter that can help her. Believe me, she's looked. So Sam deals with her problem the best way she knows how. She digs into the mountains of personal experiences (mostly involving dog poo) to write GREAT dog characters.

Oh, and there are some people in her books too. She's also pretty good at those.

Want to ask Sam about her dogs...erm...books? You can connect with her at one of the following places. Just don't ask her why she has 16 dogs. Nobody in the whole wide world can answer that.

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