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Snack Time Anyone?

Saturday, August 14, 2021

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Potatoe Chips and Popcorn--my downfall! And not only do I seem to be finding them on sale in stores but I'm also seeing some that I rarely see at all! My Mom has me addicted to Werther's Original Soft Caramels--and then they came out with caramel coated popcorn! Well when shopping the other day I noticed the soft caramels on a 2 for 1-I grabbed 2 bags figuring I'd give one to Mom--THEN down below was the popcorn!! It was not on sale but I grabbed a bag anyway. this was only the second time I saw it in a store--that bag was devoured already!! The carmel popcorn sort of reminds me of Cracker Jacks which I loved as a kid. They still sell Cracker Jacks but I definitely prefer the Werther's!

Potatoe Chips seem to always be on sale. As long as it is the sour cream and onion flavor I will buy and eat any of the brands--but Herrs is my favorite hands down--quess what I found on a 2 for 1 this week at the store!! So even though I already had 2 bags of another brand in my pantry--I simply could not resist!!

Skinny Pop is one of the best tasting of all the lower calorie popcorns out there! I like the White Cheddar one. Guess what was on a 2 or 1 sale at a different store I went to!! Not that I worry over much about calories when it comes to my snacking!! But Skinny Pop is delicious!!

Hopefully I won't see any more on 2 for 1 sales anytime soon! What is your favorite snack(s) which you just can not resist?

As an Amazon Affiliate I will receive a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking my link. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. For more information please check my Disclosure Statement. Our giveaways are in no way sponsored or promoted by Facebook or Google.


Melissa Meyers said...

I definitely need to try that caramel popcorn. It looks so yummy!

Shirley OFlynn said...

Great selection of snacks. The Werther's Original caramel popcorn looks so delicious!

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